Developing a Concentration Meditation Practice


I absolutely love the concept of concentration-meditation. In a sense, concentration-meditation is the same thing as the state of mind that Dao Jia calls “wu wei”, but I suspect that isn’t a very functional explanation for all the folks that aren’t trapped inside my head.
(Lucky bastards…)

I’m entering into Zen after already getting familiarized with the basics of meditation practice in the rooms of AA/NA, I’ve been doing the Daoist “Free and Easy Wandering” thing for years now, and I’m still not exactly sure what wu wei is. I’m pretty sure that means I just wasted your time tricking you into reading two paragraphs that explained why the two paragraphs you just read are pointless gibbernonsense all so I could make that joke about not being trapped inside my head.
(Seriously though, please help me find a way out. You have no idea what it’s like in here… I swear this guys a total sociopath and refuses to put down the bong…)

In this episode of “Totally Zensible” Dan gives you a really easy to understand step-by-step breakdown of Zen concentration-meditation, then offers some advice on how you can work the practice into your daily life in ways that makes the technique useful and convenient.

Nothing has been more liberating than learning to be one with the present moment, and the mental discipline that comes from regular meditation has been an extremely useful tool in my life.

I think everyone has something to gain from, and I wholeheartedly suggest learning the practice to every every man, woman, child, and disguised interstellar overlord on Earth. I can’t promise you’ll get the same results I have, but I can promise it’s worth giving it a shot.

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