Atta Dippa: You Are This Light


This is my idiot thoughts on a very awesome episode of my buddhist buddy Dan Rotnem’s podcast “Totally Zensible”, which you can listen to by clicking here!

This is a really cool discussion on what I believe is a mantra used in Zen Buddhism. If you’ve listen to the first episode I had Dan on my podcast, you hear me refer to this as saying “There’s a piece of God within all of us”. This breakdown of Atta Dippa helps to understand that statement I make, as well as what it means to rely on that “piece of God”. Atta Dippa works fairly analogously to the daoist concept of wu wei, and understanding how to act naturally via pure selfless awareness is at the heart.

Definitely give this a listen if you’re ever wondering what I mean when I say I work to maintain a state of wu wei, because this is about as close as I can see someone coming to putting it into words.

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