Oedipus Simplex

Someone asked Facebook "What's an Oedipus Complex?"

The Answer:

So there's this old Greek play/myth(?) (forget which one) Anyway, Oedipus'dad was a king, and when Oedipus was born his father took him to the oracle to see what his future would be. The oracle said Oedipus would kill his father and marry his mother, so Big Papa ditched Oedipus on a beach or in the woods or some shit and was like "Peace loser." 
(What a dick, amirite?)

I dunno, like, 20 years later Oedipus grows up and doesn't know he's the king's son and he was pissed off over whatever the fuck ancient Greeks got pissed about (not enough bronze?) and assassinated the king and married the queen fulfilling the oracles prophecy.

Then Oedipus did the nasty with his mom... like... full on, no excuses, dude straight sexified his mom's crotch area.  When Oedipus found out his new main squeeze was actually his mom he cut his own eyes out. I think he kept bangin' his mom though.

Oedipus complex is when someone wants to fuck their own mother.

I’m what happens when you live by the motto ‘Live Fast, Die Young’ then you fuck up and survive
— Oedipus Reks (lol rekt.)