Thank You For Giving Your Life So I Can Be Free.

I make a lot of political posts and a lot of what I've written can give the impression that I dislike this country and disapprove of our military. As critical as I am, and as much as I think we as a nation could improve, I absolutely love America and the ideals laid out in the Constitution. 

The fact that I'm allowed to make a page that's critical of the government without fear of consequence is an amazing thing. That basic freedom to speak my mind was totally unheard of until the people who forged our great nation dreamed of a land where freedom was a universal right instead of an unimaginable fantasy and then gave their lives winning the fight to make that dream a reality.

Those brave souls made the ultimate sacrifice and changed the world forever. They were followed by millions more who joined them in paying the highest price protecting that dream over the centuries. We owe every single one of those men and women a debt we'll never be able to settle. 

The reason I'm saying all this is because today's Memorial Day and a lot people, including myself, sometimes look at this holiday and see a minor three day weekend without giving the reason why we all get to have cookouts and go swimming much second thought. Many people share a meme showing their support for the military and move on, and again I'm often one such person who could do more to show my gratitude.

Something I read just now reminded me that today isn't about supporting America or what it stands for. We have the 4th of July for that. It isn't about supporting the military and the people who've enlisted to serve it, either. That's what's Veteran's Day is for.

Today is about remembering the people who've died to protect our freedom. We may never be able to repay them for what they've done for us, but we can take this time to remember their courage as the smallest thank you for making the greatest act of heroism.

Its true that America has some dark chapters in it's past, and it's true that there's many things going on today that are bringing our freedom under fire from within. We can't use those facts as excuses to forget what it cost the fallen who chose to give everything they had in the name of The Constitution and the ideals it was written to protect. I wish there was more I could do in return, but the fact that they gave so much knowing they'd get nothing return is what makes what they did for us so incredibly noble.

I feel compelled to the only thing I'm able to do to show my appreciation for what they did for all of us.

To all the infinitely brave and generous men and women who've died protecting this magnificent place I call home and the values we hold dear here, I just want to say: 

"Thank you. You are not forgotten."

I’m what happens when you live by the motto ‘Live Fast, Die Young’ then you fuck up and survive
— Your Sacrifice Won't Be Wasted