A Brief Overview of "Chronic Indoctrination Syndrome" (CIS)


Chronic Indoctrination Syndrome (CIS):

CIS is a condition known to effect individuals everywhere on the political spectrum, and isn't correlated with support/opposition to any politician and/or policy. Symptoms of CIS include inability to hear facts, refusal to suspend bias, unwavering support for the indoctrinating individual/groups, attraction to obvious propaganda, creation and spread of similar propaganda, reliance on groupthink and confirmation bias, speaking only in pre-programmed talking points, and most of all, reduction of anyone who disagrees with their indoctrination to a crude stereotype incapable of rational thought so they can disregard valid points made by their opponents.

Treatment for CIS is difficult for a number of reasons. Many sufferers refuse to accept that they're indoctrinated because the thought "I am not indoctrinated!" is actively programmed into them by their chosen propaganda scheme. Others refuse to see the indoctrination as a problem, and will actively choose to operate in this mentally defective state. Their tendency to see any individual who disagrees with them or is even slightly critical of their worldview as a crude stereotype is also a major barrier to their recovery, as they'll only listen to other indoctrinated individuals and generally never hear what anyone else has to say.

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