The Call to Cultural Revolution!


- America is not beyond saving
- Rhetoric on both sides of the aisle pushing for revolution is most likely foreign propaganda
- With some changes to how people view politics and acquire information, as well as some willingness to cooperate, the masses could easily shove big money out of the ring
- God bless America!


America, you've probably noticed somethin' ain't quite right. Kinda like when you start gettin' the flu, you know you're comin down with something but you dunno what.

Plus, a lot of people are talkin' shit. Sayin' you lost your edge... That you're gettin out the freedom game... 

Don't believe the hype. 

You still got a Constitution with a dope Bill of Rights.

Freedom of Speech? You still got it dawg. 

Freedom of Religion? Its there. You know it.

Right to Bear Arms? Those guns definitely ain't goin' nowhere.

And that sicknasty Protection from Coerced Self-Incrimination... Muh dude, you still got it all. 

Forget what the haters say: You still got the magic, Homie.

There are some things you're gonna have to work on, though... 

You're pissin' off a lot of people with them reckless drone strikes... Someone told me only one in five of those is hittin' the mark. You may wanna take that one back to the drawing board, iron out the wrinkles a bit, then give it another shot when you're not gonna create more enemies than you kill.

And... uhh... I dunno how to tell you this, but that failed drug war causin' over-incarceration is not a good look for you. (That's more Russia's style... It's just not *YOU*) 

You're the land of the free, how you gonna deprive more people of their freedom than any other country?

Maybe take a play from your homie Portugal and start treatin' drug addiction as a mental health issue instead of a criminal issue. That'll definitely solve the problem immediately, and make drug use go down like you want. Win-Win dawg.

I know I love you though America. You've been nothin' but great to me. I'm here for you. People say the poor got it rough, but I know that ain't true. I'm the poorest of the poor. I live like a king. You got an income inequality problem for sure but that can be addressed. 

There's a lot you can set aside for right now... 

We gotta get you over this cultural divide thing or none of that's gonna matter. 

We gotta get your people back together.

United we stand. Divided we fall. 

You're either respectful and understanding of all Americans, even ones you disagree with, or you're the problem. That's the message you gotta send.

Wanna know what I think it is that's causin' all this? Your social programming is being used against you by those sneaky fuckin' Russkies. They analyzed your brainwashing, and they're usin' it to do you dirty. 

Iunno, it could also be a corrupt shadow government, but I honestly don't think so; This reeks of Soviet chicanery. 

Either way, the answer is unity

"A house that's... like... fallin' for divide and conquer propaganda tactics can't help but implode... and stuff" as the old quote goes. 

(Pretty sure it was that sexy beast George Washington who said that)

Anywho... Someone's fer sure out there spreadin' all that "America is an evil empire" nonsense.

This is toxic because it implies the only way to fix America's bent(not broken yet) system is a violent uprising.

*** A violent revolution the absolute worst thing we as a people could possibly do ***

No popular uprising made up of American citizens could hope to stand against one of the most powerful military forces on the planet. The built our entire infrastructure with defending the homeland and suppressing rebellions in mind. You got AR-15s. They have predator drones. Who do you think wins that fight?

Violent revolutions generally lead to authoritarian governments gaining power, not losing it. Martial law would be declared indefinitely, the Constitution would be shredded, the uprising would be quickly smashed, and the end result would be an authoritarian dictatorship being installed in place of our constitutional republic.

The lives of luxury and peace we live now would be gone forever. The fools who support this doomed uprising now will wish for the days when they couldn't be imprisoned for life for sharing the wrong meme. These overdramatic, unreasonably rebellious idiots will only make matters worse.

Even if we keep the peace, America is on the brink. We gotta take action now to correct our course before our rights are taken by Marx's nightmare.

The revolution we need is a cultural one similar to what Bernie and Trump did, but bigger. Nonviolent revolution is historically proven to be the most effective way to overcome an authoritarian government.

The cultural revolution I'm talking about is already beginning to coalesce. 

People are becoming engaged in the political process in greater numbers than ever before. True wildfire grassroots movements just took off in the form of the Alt-Right and the Progressive Democrats. 

There's things blocking the culture of the revolution. The blocks can easily be removed though. They aren't the brick walls people make them out to be.

Block one is the disillusionment of the general public. 

Nobody believes this revolution can happen. Everybody I talk to cares so much, but when I press them to take action, they say "Nobody gives a fuck. My vote is a waste. It's pointless. We've already lost." They say cultural revolution has failed, when it hasn't even been attempted yet. The idea that nobody cares is false. I care, and you care if you're reading this. 

Most people I know care, they're just afraid of how people will react if they speak up. 

Everyone around you wants to speak up; They will listen and agree. They're waiting for someone to be the canary in the coal mine. Your first responses you hear will be something along the lines of "Stop wasting breathe, nobody cares." 

The people saying this actually care quite a bit; They're the ones waiting for you to speak up. 

Keep talking about the emperor's new clothes. Don't allow yourself to be silenced. People will hear you and be moved to speak. They'll speak up, and them speaking up will move others to speak up and it'll just keep getting louder and louder till nobody can ignore it. 

We need this to happen. 

If our voter turnout were healthy, the mechanisms used to rig the system couldn't work. 

This is why you've been programmed not to speak up, and why you're trained to shut down others who try.

Block two is people's unwillingness to do the necessary work to get information needed to make informed votes. 

This is a huge problem. The few people who do vote have their vote dictated to them by a propaganda machine.The propaganda machines make it so people with money can buy votes, and therefore seats on the bodies writing our laws. 

The only way to break this is to get people to gather information for themselves. 

They gotta force themselves into a position of neutrality, listen to sources on both sides, find the counterpoints to both sides. Weigh the pros and cons of all possible stances, then decide.

Throw out all partisan bias. That's a form of divide and conquer brainwashing.

Use third party neutral sites to fact check everything from a partisan source.

This is just a brief overview of how people can make their votes unpurchasable. 

Only the individual can inoculate themself. We gotta encourage as many people as we can to do the work.

Block three is a lack of true discourse.

People lock themselves in echo chambers, only interacting with like minded people, painting insanely ridiculous caricatures of anyone who disagrees, and circlejerking the days away. 

When it comes time for cross party interaction, all chances of a productive conversation occuring were sabotaged in the echo chambers.

Both sides view each other as ridiculous caricatures incapable of producing valid thoughts. They lob preprogrammed talking points back and forth, talking *at* each other rather than *to* each other. They barely skim each others posts, looking for things to support their caricature that can be made to look silly out of context or countered with a preprogrammed talking point.

It doesn't work towards a solution, so it can't produce one. Eventually, people get bored and move along or someone loses their temper and devolves into name-calling gibberish until they burn out and move on.

You people know how to maintain respectful conversation. I shouldn't need to tell you to be respectful of each other, but apparently I do. 

Just having respect should fix a lot of the divide.

That's it. Done. Fix those things, get a healthy voter turnout, and the lower/middle classes will completely shove big money out of the ring.

Now's the time. Come together. Speak out. Get to the polls. Don't let anyone tell you we can't do this. 

*America is flawed, but it's worth saving.*

The Constitution is worth defending.

I promise, if you don't believe this can work, the only thing stopping it is your disbelief. 

Don't let what you think other people think hold you back. You can be the spark that starts the wildfire. You just need to believe a fire can be lit and tell yourself you're the spark.

I’m what happens when you live by the motto ‘Live Fast, Die Young’ then you fuck up and survive.
— A Naive Idealist