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That's Fuggin' Trippy, Man...

I encourage everybody (some stipulations attached) to melt their minds with psychedelics, in a scientifically literate, medically safe, and socially responsible way. (only a lil’ tiny bit) This one is very thoroughly researched with links to research data supporting all claims.

Still, drop some acid and ride that dragon to Valhalla for the good of society, brother.

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So Like... This Whole Gun Discussion is Getting Messed Up By Both Sides

The diehards on both sides tend to miss the point. I rip apart every political propaganda meme I’ve seen on Facebook from both parties and give you the answer to the shooter crisis Please steal my idea and say it’s yours if it means getting the mayhem to stop.

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Hail to the Redskins!

This article is essentially me talking about how much I love The Washington Redskins aesthetic, and why I think it’s more racist for Native Americans to tell me I have to think of the negative connotations they hear in the word “Redskin” instead of letting me see them as noble, dignified people with an indomitable spirit I think of when I hear the word.

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