We're All Made of Mini-Infinite Universes (AKA God's Stinky Wake Up Farts)

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A guy asked if the universe was moving. I used stoner logic to answer and came up a compelling new theory.

That question about the universe moving is actually a doozy, and kinda ties into "Why is everything here instead of nothing?" (aka "The First and Hardest Question Life Ever Asked Itself")

Science has no way of knowing, so I can't cheat and just reword wikipedia entries for answers(my weakness!) which means I'm gonna have to resort to my desperation tactic: stoner logic.

So to start out... Does the universe ever even end, muh dude? How are we sure though? If it does how close are we to the edge?

For the sake of not getting zoned out trying to contemplate the infinity of all existence, let's say that yes, stars are spreading out from each other uniformly as they appear to be from our perspective and our universe is expanding. 

All existence appears to have started as one concentrated singularity that exploded in the big bang to form this super trippy experience generator we've all been born into. 

We could all just be microbes riding the debris of gods late-night Taco Bell run and the big bang was just his wake-up fart.

If our fart is expanding, it must have space larger than it surrounding it completely for it to expand uniformly in such a manner. That means it's safe to assume our fart is the smell that's stinking up the cosmic living room that contains the couch God crashed on then, right?

I'm willing to fuggin' bet, just cause of how things are from what I can see from this vantage point here on Earth(where exactly is that again?) that our universe actually isn't a fart and God is probably more of a Denny's dude anyway.

Our universe, regardless of what it's made of, is expanding in something which suggests the infinity we call the universe is contained within an infinitely larger superinfinity. 

If we look down to the smallest levels, we see sub atomic spherical particles orbiting bigger spherical subatomic particles, 

If we reverse the scale and look out into space we see massive spherical planets, which orbit even more massive spherical stars, which are orbiting what we suspect is a supermassive (but also ultra dense) spherical black hole at the center of our galaxy.

Existence has a "spheres orbiting bigger spheres" fetish is what I'm saying. Idk not my kink, but to each their own. I'm more into the cube on pyramid stuff, personally.

I'm just gonna guess this pattern implies that the universe is a sphere orbiting a larger sphere in the enigmatic superinfinite void that envelopes our regularinfinite universe.

Furthermore, our entire regularinfinite universe actually constitutes just one subatomic particle within that superinfinite void, and the subatomic particles that make up our universe also contain similar universes within them.

Proven with stoner logic: We're all made up of countless mini-infinite universes.
This has been "Stoner Thoughts" with Dave Barletta

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