Probably the Only Time I'll Ever Publish One of My Poems


A Question From Heaven

A vibrant oak tree stands proudly in a green meadow;
Beneath it sits an angel questioning her prisoner’s defiance.

“What burns in their heart that makes them love chaos?
I must bring them to justice in the name of peace!”

A lifeless oak tree sits fallen in a barren wasteland;
Beside it stands a demon sure of his capitor’s corruption.

“My freedom was taken by justice and order,
But there’ll never be peace while my heart burns with love!”

Written by Me (and not my Mommy)

Deciding to publish this using the "Mom's Poetry Monday" format was definitely an interesting choice by Me. He doesn't seem to realize that posting his own poetry then attempting to interpret it defeats the purpose of the poem, since the point is to allow the audience to craft their own subjective interpretation of his artistic vision. The way Me chose to do his analysis entirely in the third person as if he isn't referring to his own work the entire time is also kinda confusing, and it'll probably make people think he's insane.

I will say that objectively, this poem represents some high level writing ability. The subtle mirroring of each word between the two halves of the poem is far more difficult to pull off than most people realize.  The way Me displayed the differences between the demon's perspective and the angel's by framing their dialogue as "Love/Chaos + Justice/Peace" for the angel's statements and "Justice/Order + Peace/Love" for the demon's is an example of excruciating attention to details that'll mostly go unnoticed by the average reader. I just wanted to let Me know that I've noticed his masterful creative decision, and I appreciate Me's talent. I see why Me decided to pull this piece out of his unpublished poetry collection and publish it on his website. I just wanna warn Me that he shouldn't toot his own horn too much during my joke interpretation of our work. If Me isn't careful he'll seem like he's being an arrogant asshole about something that really isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

Thanks for the poetry, Me. Cya never again most likely!!!

Dave BarlettaComment