My Old Friend Laozi


"My Old Friend Laozi"

My old friend Laozi taught me that. The Dao is an existence beyond our understanding, and doesn’t promise anyone anything. I’m fuzzy on what I remember but I remember very clearly the need to only expect nothing even though you will get whatever it is you need. The thing is, what you think you need may not be what you actually need. People here they will be provided for from quotes like the one I gave earlier, and *expect* that means they will always be well fed, sheltered, clothed, etc. 

It may mean that, for certain people in certain places under certain conditions, but setting that as your expectation is telling the Dao what you want it to dothings don’t work that way. Expect that if you relax your expectations, relax your ego, and make yourself as small as possible the Dao will work through you. The Dao will provide what you and everything else are needed at any given moment and nothing more. If you thought you needed it, and you didn’t get it, then that means you didn’t really need it.

If you set getting what you believe you need as your expectation, you’ll end up in pain when that expectation is eventually let down. If you never get your hopes up, they can never be let down. Simple as that. 

You can expect you’ll De if you wu wei though. You may not De the way you expect, but you’ll De. Remember the De and Dao are infinite, nameless, and transcend our level of understanding, and the mysteries will always remain as such for as long as we’re the finite creatures we’ll always be. 

Expect that if you seek knowledge and wisdom, they can be found if done right. I don’t know what “right” is or even if what I’ve found are knowledge or wisdom; I know what I’ve found appears to work for me; go find what works for you.

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