The Neverending Iron-Willed Pursuit of Knowledge

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When you look at life on Earth, which to us represents all life in existence, and see its raw beauty and power, how do you feel? Small I hope.

Now consider that all of it came from single cell organisms carrying out pre-programmed algorithms, until eukaryota developed tissues, and then that evolved in neural tissue, which grew into neural networks, and then slowly over hundreds of millions of years, intelligence made its way to our earliest ancestors in its quest for survival. How do you think those very first men and women felt? What do you think life was like for someone gifted with our same raw intellect but absolutely no knowledge whatsoever? I'm certain I'd have been terrified.

Now picture those early pioneers who discovered the first pieces of knowledge, simply the fact that knowledge was possible, as they told everyone they'd learned the ability to know things. You know conversation must've went just like this:

> "Well how much can you know?"

> "I don't know...."

> "But you just said you know stuff."

> "I do, but I don't know that yet."

> "Well how do you find out? Just go know it... can't be that hard."

> "Well I think I can at least know more than I do now. I'll just keep knowing more things until I can't know anymore, and then we'll know how much we can know!!!" (Little did they know...)

And so began the most awe-inspiring tale I've ever heard:

"The Neverending Iron-Willed Pursuit of Knowledge"

From that point forward, men and women from all corners of the globe have spent their lives tirelessly fighting tooth and nail for every scrap of knowledge they could wrap their minds around and then defended it from predators, enemies, and time, all while doing their best to teach it to the masses as they dragged humanity kicking and screaming along through history.

They were hung for witchcraft, locked away for their discoveries, and outright ignored every time they were right as they carried mankind on their backs through ages.

These legends took us from our spot as the worst great ape and transformed us into The Global Apex Superpredator w/ Style! ~ The Mass Extinction Made Flesh ~ Earth's All-Time #1 Most Hyperinvasive Species w/ Some Catchy Tunes and a Heart of Gold

The only thing that can never be taken from you is what's inside your head. Knowledge is power. Without the millions of people who poured every drop of their blood, sweat, and tears for just one more drop of information, none of our society would be possible. Never let anyone convince you that knowing things is for nerds. Knowing as much as you can about everything you can is the coolest shit you can do.

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