The Monster That Turn You To Bone

They said you were loved by this god, but how?

How would I be able to trust this god, 

Who would do this to the people he loved?

Why would he curse someone with this ailment?

You may fight the monster, you will not win.

You think you have won, and you live in peace,

You return to living, that's when it strikes.

It will chew you up, and spit you out, 

Leaving a shadow of yourself behind.

You start resembling the monster, can't eat, 

can't sleep, withering away, you're not you.

You had been losing, it finished you off,

It decided to end your suffering.

All that it had left was some bones and skin.

We had got the call, it can not be true.

This feels like a big, horrible, nightmare. 

Will we be able to survive without you?

Life will never be the same, now you're gone.




You whispered to me early that morning,

That you loved me, my eyes are welled with tears.

What the monster did to you repulsed me.

We were set to come back the following day,

We know a tomorrow is not promised. 

Although hopefulness was still in the cards. 

Fighting the fact that it was going to hurt,

The fact that it was inevitable,

That it could take her life away any day.

I had never been that irrational, 

Enough to believe, in hope or even luck.

How did such a bright person turn into,

These memories of skin stretched across bone?

That can not be you there in the casket.

God, help me! Why did you have to leave us?




When your eyes closed for the very last time,

Did you get the wings your god had promised?

Or did you just slip into nothingness?

Now I am left to live life without you,

And left with this giant hole in my heart,

Since you're gone it will always be a void.

Never had the chance to apologize,

I should have called and spent more time with you. 

I thought I had time, I regret so much,

It never occurred to me that the clock,

Never stops ticking. Time starts running out.

Always thinking there's always tomorrow,

Until the day tomorrow never comes.

Weeping in front of others deems me weak,

I had let my pride get the best of me.

Now I will never get to say goodbye.

All I am left with is a shadow of your ghost.
Photo Credit: Wendy Way Lyons

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