Kasha's Next Romance Piece

Another awesome romance story from Kasha Bear


It's mid August 1957 , we're cruising in your Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Rocket.

You're wearing that new watch I bought for you. It took me months to save up for that electric watch. You absolutely love it. Time is of the essence right? I mean it's the first of its kind! You're definitely going to be the talk of the new school year.

Don't smile at me like that in your cute collared red corduroy shirt. I tried to match you with my red hat but it's a different shade and you laughed at me until I was flushed.

We're smoking cigarettes and listening to Paul Anka's "Diana". I'm singing loudly and you're smiling big at every note I miss.

We pull over at a gas station to pick up some candies and fill up the car. "It's only a paper moon" fills the air and you're already opening my door extending your hand to dance with me in the middle of this brick pavement.

I'm giggling all over as we almost stumble from dancing too much. I clutch my heart while you dip me close to the ground. I burst out laughing back on my feet and you gladly open the door like always to let me in first.

The drive-in is always packed with so many people. My little popcorn stealer is laughing as he flicks the kernels my direction. We can't even focus on the movie because we're too busy smiling and laughing at each other.

These innocent nights are the best. I just hope you can get me home in time before my father is upset!

Kasha Bear