Kasha's First Romance Piece

Good morning, party people. The page is gettin' to be a downer, so today we've got something funner than my depressing political rants. Here's something written by Kasha Bear. Enjoy!

It was 3 o'clock January 3rd 1970, I saw you for the first time. I was absolutely stunned that someone could glow that bright. 

You had all your neighborhood guys hanging out with you in the street outside. The only phrase I could cough out when you said hello to me was "Jon's friend?". 

You raised your hand to your mouth and giggled. 

I blushed and averted eye contact. 

What surprised me was how comfortable I felt and how comfortable you became that split second. You proceeded to place your arm around my shoulder and whip out, "I'll watch over this one!". 

The rest of the guys chuckled and walked off down the road. We followed suit shortly after. 

I was so nervous around you when I met you. Sometimes it felt like I couldn't even breathe. 

I'm looking at you now 3 years later napping quietly on Jon's couch. You are still the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. You're wearing your hair down and with a beautiful floral print wave out dress. 


I chuckle to myself because I know you wanted to nap because you drank too much of the martinis Jon kept offering. 

I leaned over quietly with my hands held behind my back and kissed you. Your eyelids fluttered awake and I heard your sweet voice ring through my ears like a symphony. 

"I was just dreaming about you..."

All I responded with was a smile and mental thought of forever being in your dreams. 

You didn't say anything else because I was already kissing you again.
Illustration Credit: Brandon McCutcheon, check him out at McCutcheon Visions

Kasha Bear