Anonymous Essay About Life

To truly understand life, you need to be aware that the human mind is prewired to see only the worst possible things and draw the most dramatic possible conclusion. 

Without rigorous mental discipline, people will almost always see a collapsing, dying world with no hope barreling towards imminent catastrophe. Our primal brains are wired to do so in order to predict coming catastrophes and avoid them. 

The world will always be filled with people playing Chicken Little, running around panicking that the sky is falling every time an acorn drops.

You'de be surprised how much the full, unadultered truth is hidden in those childrens tales.

People have been crying out "Tomorrow it'll end" and saying the sky is falling since the very beginning, and as of right now they've been correct exactly 0 times. Those people serve a purpose though. They warn us of possible upcoming dangers so we can adjust to correct.

You can never forget that no matter how bad things get, they're never as bad as they seem.

Now, this next part is all just using some ancient spirituality to put things into a different perspective, take it with a grain of salt: 

The Mayan long count is not a linear thing that ends the way people were presenting it back during the 2012 hype. Its a cyclical thing that repeats itself. The calendar is broken into different ages. In each age the world is rebuilt in the image of a major element like fire, water or earth. The final age in this cycle ended in 2012, and we've started over on an all new journey. 

All existence here on Earth is passing into a new era. We actually already have crossed into it, and the whirldwind upheavals you see are the world adjusting to the new rules and conditions of this new age. 

This is not the end. The end of the old world already occurred without you noticing. 

This is the beginning.

In the context of this spiritual framework, the current age is actually unique in that it's supposedly ruled by an unknown, indescribable spiritual "element" rather than a standard basic element.

If you look at the world in this light, we're not on our deathbed. We've passed into a spiritual golden age. We're the lucky ones who get to experience life in this period, the people of the next age will forget what happened in our time and never know what an amazing life they were 5 minutes late for.

How many plays come to an end in the very beginning of their first act? 

How many stories have you heard that go "Once upon a time..." then everyone immediately dies before you've left the first page, leaving a blank stack of paper?

The climate change crisis that we're currently experiencing is a great unknown that we have no frame of reference to truly put it into context. Exactly how much of Humanity will be pushed to the brink is hard to say. Millions will survive in peace and harmony. Eventually mankind will forget it even happened, and time will continue its ceaseless march forward.

Our best bet will never be anything other than adjusting to life on Earth and changing along with our world. We'll never be incapable of doing this. Mans ingenuity in the face of disaster is well documented to be limitless and unfailing. It's easily bested every challenger its been faced with. I don't see the 10,000 year long undefeated streak breaking to something like this.

Just because you can't see a solution, doesn't mean there isn't one. Try adjusting your perspective and looking again.

If you truly come to a correct answer, that answer will raise the next question.

You must accept that you will *never* have an answer, but were sent here by the universe to never stop asking anyway.

If you come across an answer that leads you to stop questioning, what you have found is a trick meant to keep you from your quest for answers.

Even the highest human intelligence is next to nonexistent in the face of infinite time and space.

A person can be smart in relation to the rest of Mankind. That's the same as saying an atom is large compared to a quark.

Here's some questions I can answer for you:

"Why am I here"

To answer these questions.

"How did we get here"

Unknowable. A better question is "Now that I'm here, what will I do next?"

Never stop questioning. Never forget Positivity and Humility are the keys.

Anonymous Loser