Trees in Fall


Will the trees in fall always remind me of you?
And so,
Will the trees in fall always sting me so?

I loved you.
I loved you when the trees were green and shining, too.
And when the streetlight shone in the bedroom after we made love,
With my arms around you,
But most of all, with the trees in fall.
They’re so beautiful.
So were you.

How harsh it is to have this peaceful beauty taken from me
By the ceaseless bleeding razor pain
Caused by you.
You didn’t have any right to do that to me.

Trees in fall.
And a million other memories...

Ashes and pain.
And a million other memories...
Written by my Mommy, Regina Toffolo

A very interesting piece this week... It says so much about how normally pleasant things can sometimes be turned painful by the scars left when love turns sour.

I think we can all relate to the good memories that still linger after a crushing heartbreak, and how those good memories become associated with good things, and how we can never enjoy those good things quite the same way we did before because they'll always come with the sharp pang that comes from having your heart broken.

That's all I got on this one... 

Thanks Mom, cya next week!
This is a stock photo, no credits this week.