Sometimes it is necessary
To be still with my own soul
To go to that musty place of shadows
Where strange desires dwell
With neither rhyme nor reason to them.
Dark and brooding passions
That do not answer to right or wrong
But beckon
Amid the ruins of life’s lost dreams.
Sadness and pain, amidst primal remedies.

Today I found you there,
Much to my surprise,
And I really don’t quite understand why.
But I know I must wrestle these shadows
To resurrect my dreams,
To stay alive.

Because you can run,
But you cannot hide.

Written by my Mommy

I dig it. I definitely know that dark place inside she’s referring to. For me I wouldn’t say the things there “don’t answer to right or wrong” in my case because, as a whole, nothing I think up really factors that distinction into the equation. In my case it’s more like that part of me intentionally makes things as wrong as possible for some twisted reason.

The second passage is where I kinda lose my ability to relate. The shadows I end up wrestling are rarely the ghosts of people from my past, and are more likely to demons made from greed, anger, and a need to feel powerful. Still, like all of us I wrestle with the shadows inside me to keep myself alive. Like Mommy said, you can’t run and you can’t hide when those sorts of spectres start knocking.

Thanks for the poetry Mommy. Cya next week!