Sometimes it’s hard to be single
When you live in a world full of “two’s”
Sometimes it’s hard with no money
Especially when Christmas is due

You’re not where you thought you’d be going
And you’ve lost many things close to you
But your upper-middle-class life almost killed you
So what’s a woman to do?

You can only trust God still loves you
And that always He’ll be there for you
That always He’ll stand there beside you
And catch you when dreams don’t come true

Written by my ♥Superhero♥ of a Mommy

I can’t really tell when exactly Mommy wrote this poem, but I know exactly what time in her life she’s writing about. This most likely carries a different meaning for me than it does for fans of the page, because I can still feel the pain of my childhood right after my parents divorced. If you’ve read “The Life and Times” series at all, your somewhat aware of nightmare that was for me as a child. I promise it was 100x for Mommy.

I guess because of how young I was, and because I wasn’t aware of what words like, “heartbreak”, “insufficient income”, and “alone” were back then, I just couldn’t see how much of a fight every single day for the wonderful witch named Mommy the Queen. She truly is magical royalty. ♥
(Obviously a good witch, and a dearly beloved Queenie)

This probably seems selfish to others, I know it does to me, but when I’ve envisioned those turbulent times it’s never occurred to me exactly what was going on in Mommy’s world. The loneliness and uncertainty carried in the first verse just isn’t something I imagined in her back then. It’s hard to go much further than that without airing family details that I’m not entirely sure the family would be okay with, but this poem gave me a new level of respect for how strong Mamadukes had to be to raise three rambuncious boys while fighting to keep herself from giving into the sheer weight of it all.

What truly impresses me is the ability to turn it over to God and truly trust he’ll catch you. Some people see that as weak, but I look at it the opposite way. I don’t know Mommy’s exact feelings on God, but I know she’s not dumb. She’s well aware of what an uncertain proposition trust in God appears to be when you look at the situation with natural intellectual skepticism. The fact that she was able to set that uncertainty aside and place her faith in something bigger then herself in order to pull her through when she couldn’t herself ballsy move. Facing the day with that as your fallback plan for years the way she did takes true courage. I really do have the bestest Mommy there ever was or ever will be.

Thanks for everything you’ve done, Supernice Witch Lady! Bravo, Mommy! You’re a real superhero! Cya next week!