Running Outside Barefoot


Remember when…
Life was so free?
Who needed shoes?
Calloused feet were happy
Running and jumping and skipping
Toes wiggling happily
In the cool, wet grass
Heedless of pebbles or branches or bees

Then we grew up…
Traded calloused feet for calloused souls
But the callouses made us strong
Now I’m just an old lady in comfortable shoes

Still happy,
Still free…

Written by my Mommy

I like this one, but I’m not entirely sure why or whether I have much to say. The part about trading calloused feet for calloused souls and the callouses making us strong really hits home with me. What I enjoy the most is the “Still free” at the end. I like the thought that even though I’m not a kid anymore, and even if I’ve changed, I’m still free.

Thanks again Mommy! Cya next week!

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