For This I Loved You


Losing you has been the hardest thing

I’ve ever had to do.
And I have still lost you.

There are still times when I cry for missing you.
But then I think of all the terrible things you have been through
Then I am just glad you have found a little happiness

At last.

And I really can’t complain,
I have a little happiness in my life, too.
And I’ll always remember
All the things I told you
That I knew
You knew
Were profoundly true.
It is for this that I have loved you.
Written by my Mommy

When I look at this I see something others will associate with an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife etc. but I get different image.

For me, this says exactly how I feel about Papadukes. Now I know I'm using a different interpretation than what Mom meant with a lot of this stuff, but it just is what it is.. I'm glad he found some peace after all the pain he went through. I'm finally in a place where I have some happiness too. 

I know, despite how much I unintentionally hurt him, that he knew I meant it when I said I loved him. I miss him a lot, but things had to happen the way they happened for me to end up where we are now and I like where we are now. 

Love ya Pops., thanks for everything!

Then of course I gotta thank Mommy for her wonderful poetry! Cya next week!