Life’s Labour Lost


Long after
Our heroes had finished using us,
Like rocks
Upon the beating drum,
We stayed there,
Staring at the setting sun.

Written by my Mommy

This one's kinda rough for me. It feels like it's saying, "Our heroes use us then abandon us while we sit waiting for them to come back." I highly doubt that's really Mamadukes' meaning here, but that's my takeaway. I will say that *one* of my heroes is my Mommy, and I hope she never finishes using me. Then there's my tendency to always link things back to Dad, who was always my biggest hero. In a way, it feels like he did leave me and I'm sitting here beating the drum waiting for him to come back, staring at the setting sun. I miss my Pops and probably always will, so it bleed into how I interpret anything. Still, a deep poem. Mom has a way of saying a lot while saying a little. 

That's why I love her poems, and can't wait to see what's in store next week. Cya then, Mommy!