From the Beach


For Patrick
And all the many others
Who's inner sureness of their own soul's stunning beauty
Was taken from them
Before they ever had a chance
To fly.

"From the Beach"

Last night, I had a dream
While meditating in the moonlight.
I dreamed we were in the room next door
In the candlelight,
In the moonlight,
The waves rolling in the background,
Our souls naked in the night.

And in that space and time,
I gently hold your face in my hands.
I kiss your eyes, your cheeks, your lips.
I touch your eyes, your shoulders, your chest,
And embrace you in the moonlight.

I give myself to you there, in the night.

This is for your pain, this is for my grief.
This is for your mother, this is for my father.
This is for our unearned shame.

And the waves rush over us and through us
Crashing all around us.
The waves cleanse us and heal us,
For only the ocean is big enough, and strong enough,
To hold this timeless sadness of all Life,
And give it Joy again.

Then, I take your heart in my hand,
And hold it, tenderly,
So it will never have to hurt again.

And now,
My soul is quiet.
Written by my awesome Mother.

All I can say is "Wow"... another stunning piece. I find it amazing how these poems say so much about love and life using so few words. I could type out essays non-stop for the next decade and not come close to saying anywhere near as much as this beautiful poem does.

The gentle imagery blending with the powerful emotions in this one... All I can say is it's truly a masterpiece.

Thanks for sharing with us Mommy... Cya next week!

Photo Credit: Wendy Way Lyons