For The Most Part


I’ve learned where I stop and start.

I’ve learned that of myself I am nothing.
Without God and other people, I’m dead.
With God and other people, I’m phenomenal, unique, and beautiful.

I’ve learned that the only thing I have of value in life
Is to help other people.

I’ve learned that pain is necessary
To keep Joy grounded.

I’ve learned that the shadow Self is the source of compassion,
And is therefore beautiful.

I’ve learned that almost everything of substance I have to offer another
Came from a place of pain and sorrow.
It doesn’t explain all the pain,
But it explains enough.

I’ve learned that the Spirit is fragile in the material world,
And so,
It will always be an imperfect journey.

I’ve learned that there are too many people in life you have to let go of
To stay on the path to the Light.

Too many who misunderstand, too many who are afraid,
Too many hiding from their own hearts,

But you have to stay on the path

Written by my Mommy

Wow… this one really hit me this week. “I’ve learned where I stop and start” was a pretty a pretty important lesson for me in life. I’m not sure exactly what Mommy meant by it, but for me learning I wasn’t the be all end all was part of the change that brought my life to the wonderful place it is today. For me though the line that touched me the most was the part about shadow self being the source of compassion. I’m not sure if that’s something everyone would see eye-to-eye on Mommy with, but I know I can relate today. For me, “Shadow self” is the part of me that arose from pain, and if it weren’t for the pain that shadow self represents, I wouldn’t want to easy that pain for others.

Thank you for the very touch poem, Mommy. Cya next week!

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