Days Age Old


One day you wake up on the other side
Of the dividing line
Between the young and old
Youth and beauty ne'er again to behold

'Twas only yesterday, you say, when it was you who ran and played
But youngsters look at you and say
That person must have been born that way
This I know, I did it, too
But now the thought's on the other shoe

Grasp the ease of days age old
Hearts no longer waiting to be sold
Still it's sad to say goodbye
To all the days when the sun was high

Written by my young and beautiful Mommy

Well thanks for reminding me I'm old Mom.... You know I put a lot of effort into convincing myself I'm still 16 right? 

After all that work, you go and submit something like this to remind me that not only am I not a kid anymore, I'm also too old to even be referred to as "young man" these days. That's just rude...

All jokes aside, this is another poignant statement about the life and the human condition as always. I definitely like the last part where it talks about enjoying the finer parts of getting older, while also pointing out that leaving behind the days of our youth is never easy.

Thanks again Mom, sorry we missed you last week cause of Memorial Day, but I'm looking forward to next Monday as always. Cya then!
Image Credit: Anne Bellami