On A Sunny Autumn Day


Today is a day for thinking profound thoughts
In the beautiful autumn sun,
About how fragile life is,
And how disillusionment always comes.
About how mirages line the spiritual path sometimes,
And how often we need them to learn the lesson anyway.
And most of all, how imperfect and small we all are,
And isn’t it marvelous how we keep getting up
And doing it all again another day,

Despite it all.

Meanwhile, I sit naked in my bedroom

Watching the sun send sparkle fairies through the blinds,

Peacefully putting perfumed lotion on,
Waiting for a lover who never comes.

Written by my Mommy

I absolutely love this statement about how perfectly imperfect the world is. How the bad parts are what define the good and give it meaning. How we all need to go through our downs if we want to keep our ups. This is phenomenal.

♥ Thanks Mommy. Cya next week! ♥