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Haunted by a lover past,
Every morning do I ask,

‘Twould take tomes written by the score
To understand the reasons more,
To free me from the shadowy beast
Who at my table each dawn does feast.

Haunted by a lover past,
Deep yearning does forever last.
Written by my Mommy
Short and sweet this week. I find the timing of this poem interesting, because one of the things that led to the traffic jam Saturday was a "love lost" tale happening parallel to one of the bad trip stories. That lost chance and how it affected me at the time became my fire. In reality, it was a very small thing that happened over a decade ago but it still stung.

To me that anecdote speaks to how spot on the last line of this poem is. Even if we learn to live with such things and move on, we carry a part of them with us for the rest of our journey through life.

That's all I got for this week. The image unfortunately doesn't quite go with the poem, but Mamadukes and I couldn't find one in our galleries that really spoke for the material. She said she liked this one the most, and it's functional enough I suppose.

Also,sorry for the late post. I know on the train I said an hour, but once I got home the internet wasn't working. Both problems should be resolved by the changes that I announced.in how our page will be operating moving forward.

Thanks for reading everyone and thanks Mom for your poignant poem! Love ya, cya next week!
Image credit: Brandon McCutcheon of McCutcheon Visions