The Thoughts, Musings, and Artwork of Some Total Losers

The Thoughts, musings,
Artwork of Some Total Losers

As humans, when we look out at the vast expanse of time and space, we can't help but feel minuscule, powerless. Life feels like it has no objective meaning, and we have no objective purpose. It may feel that way, but I like looking at things another way.

We may be small, but we're tiny giants.

The cosmic algae called "Humanity" is made of microbial Gods. That's what I see when I look at reality's beautifully mysterious shitshow, at least.

To me it seems as if the collective power consciousness is an unstoppable force colliding with an immovable object named "Spacetime", pushing existence forward to go on existing.

I personally believe our objective purpose is to interpret living Right Here, Right Now in infinite ways. We use that nihilistic emptiness hidden beneath the All and we fill it with subjective meanings by the billions to replace the objectively lacking.

Of all the fundamental forces governing our Universe, there isn't anything more powerful than the nightmares born in our hearts or the dreams of love which soothe them. We're the plucky underdogs perpetually pulling the greatest come from behind upset of all time.

Supernothings that put on the Allsomething's favorite outfit so we can dream the doing into the being. 

Welcome to the page, homie! 

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We're all about wordsmithery and artcraft. We publish six things from five contributors that've all got their own unique flavor:

The Essays and Memoirs of a Total Loser

This is broken up into separate archives based on topic to make things easier to find and help people jump right to what interests them the most. There's memoirs, politics, mental health and addiction destigmatization, spirituality and like... life and stuff... man...

The Life and Times of a Total Loser:

Mom's Poetry Monday

Mom writes some beautiful poetry, I interpret it and then we occasionally publish it on Mondays

The Adventures of begood and Honeybun

Anne’s awesome webcomic about two lovebirds trying to make it in New York and their super antihero alteregos

Discussions with Dave

My podcast that talks about the same subjects as my essays

Classical Philosophy w/ Pat and the Sociopath

My brother schools me on philosophical topics of his choosing

Let’s Be Totally Zensible w/ Dan Rotnem

My Zen buddy Dan shares his wisdom in both written form and on his podcast

So that's our content, here's our story:

What’s crackin’, homie? I’m Dave, It's nice to meet you. I’m a reforming sociopath and unreliable narrator. One day, I got really baked and decided I wanted to write long-winded essays and memoirs then shotgun ‘em off into the void.

Then Mamadukes was like “Ay yo.... you need a plug on dat fire poetry dawg? Aight I re-up Monday, I gotchu.”

Then Anne was like “Muh dude, check out this fuggin’ dank webcomic I made… yo wtf… why am I talking in your voice right now? I’m German! I don’t sound like a burnt out redneck and your Mom doesn’t talk like a coke dealer, ya bum!” Then while she was tryna figure out how I got both of them to talk in my voice I stole her webcomic, “The Adventures of begood and Honeybun”

Once I had content from those two, the rest was easy. I just blackmailed my younger brother into doing podcasts with me, held Dan at gunpoint and forced him to teach me his Zen secrets, then launched the website.

True story.