Verbosius the Wordy and Grafic Novel

In dark the dark corners of the intertubez, there's been hushed whispers going around about a crime fighting duo appearing from nowhere to challenge the Creature Called Fauxwoke. They call themselves Verbosius the Wordy and Grafic Novel, and that's one of the few things anyone knows for certain. Some say the rumors just are viral marketing, others say it's all an elaborate troll, some suspect that the rumors were started by the Pretentious Pretender itself.

Little is known about where they came from, and nobody's even sure if they have a fixed base of operations. It often seems as if they can be anywhere at anytime. There's many tales of them appearing from nowhere to thwart the Dull-minded Demagogue in one swift move, and then vanishing into the night just as fast as they appeared. 

One thing that's known for sure is that they started as supervillains who were out to bore the world to death with the power of reading... or, like, just take it over.
(They hadn't decided yet)

They were first seen late one night on our good friend begood's Facebook page. begood was working hard on some much needed renovations and cleaning up some of his sloppier essays when the vindictive villains appeared without warning and demanded that begood use The Mission Statement they'd written for him. For reasons unknown, the duo was obsessed with destroying and replacing begood's prized Mission Statement. begood fought valiantly to defend his cherished work, but in the end the villains overwhelmed him.

To this day, begood maintains that he lost on purpose because he was charmed by Grafic Novel's notorious good looks. Many doubt his claims, but Grafic's stunning beauty is undeniable. If what begood says is true, he wouldn't have been the first to find himself unable to resist the vixen, and he certainly won't be the last.

After wrecking begood's "The Mission Statement" post, the dastardly duo came to this site completely unprovoked and destroyed every archive we had. After realizing we were just Some Total Losers, and seeing how hard we had to work to rebuild our cool-kid-free safe haven, Verbosius and Grafic Novel felt bad for us and decided to try and fight for good. After hearing about the Sinister Simpleton's full-scale assault on the cyberspaces, Verbosius and Grafic vowed to save the world from the Creature Called Fauxwoke with the power of reading... or, like, just take it over.
(They still haven't decided yet)

The duo also vowed to be our mascots, but they disappeared before we could finalize the paperwork. I'd given up on the masked mysteries ever making good on their promise, but when I'd hear the hushed whispers in the nerdy places of the infraweb, I knew having champions capable of challenging the Biased Buffoon was more important than my website having mascots. That was until this morning when I looked in my my messenger inbox to find this image sent from a mysterious bot account and realized we had both... 

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, it's my honor to introduce the official mascots of "The Thoughts, Musings, and Artwork of Some Total Losers"... 

Verbosius the Wordy and Grafic Novel! 

They're the superantiheroes Facebook doesn't really need at all and has specifically asked to stop, but they're the superantiheroes Facebook is getting despite multiple people asking Verbosius and Grafic "Can you guys please just not right now, pretty please?"

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