The Unintentional Creation (aka The Awkward Blank Page)

We finally have an answer to the mystery of Verbosius and Grafic's unkown origins!

Months ago, when Anne and I were first building this website, I contacted begood and had him ask his girlfriend if she'd be able to help us out by drawing our superhero alter egos to use as our logo, since Anne was busy drawing up the comic.

A few days later, begood emailed me back and said some of the weirdest stuff. I swear, none of it made any sense at the time. Here... I'll copypaste the message for you:

"Hey man, Honey said she'd love to contribute to your site and got to work on that logo you asked for right away. The thing is, when she showed me the picture 5 hours later, it was just a stack of books on a blank page. SHE SPENT 5 HOURS DRAWING A BLANK PAGE.

It was all kinda awkward, so I just told her the logo looked great and I'd send it to you ASAP. Don't say anything to her; she'll be embarrassed. I'll get you something you can use for a logo eventually.

I love your website by the way. I think some hackers might have broken in though. You might wanna check it out. Ever since I went there for the first time these two cartoon characters keep popping up on my screen and trolling me while I work. Anyway dude, I'm sure you'll handle it. I'll let you know when I figure out this logo situation.

Cya later ~ begood"

It was gibberish, and when I'd ask him what he meant by all that foolishness, he'd let out a frustrated sigh and say "Don't ask..."

Finally the pieces all come together...

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