The Search Mission

begood and Honeybun are a couple living in New York City and trying to get by as starving artists. Honeybun is an illustrator, and begood is trying to start a career as a writer. Both of them are insanely talented, but at the end of the day they just like to hang out and have a good time. 

Aight, let's have a peek at an average day:

Y'all know how frustrating it is when you're lookin' for somethin' and you just can't seem to find it? You swore it was on the table but now it's not there anymore? Not in your pockets... nope not under the couch cushions either... Where in the fu-?

Well today, begood was stomping from room to room with a fire in his eyes on one of these quests...

Honeybun sees a small cardboard box under the table and tries to get begoods attention, "begood I think they under the," but begood didn't hear a word she said; he was a man on a mission... 

"Not right now, Honey, I'm lookin' for something!"

For some reason, Honeybun, doesn't seem to be quite as bothered by it as begood was as she sits nom-noming her favorite sweet treat...

Anne BellamiComment