Time To Pony Up...

People who’ve been following the action packed lives of Honeybun and her sometimes okay boyfriend are probably familiar with the teleport pad begood invented. Now the Order of the KitteNinjas isn’t gonna like this, but I’m gonna let you guys in on a secret:

Not even begood knows why he’s so good at breaking the laws of physics, and on days like today he kinda wishes he wasn’t.

The “glitch” you see here is the sorta thing that makes the engineering enthusiast wish his parents had named him something like “Sortaokayish” or“B Average”. Somehow, the teleporter activated itself, went to Tibet, picked out a pony, and then snuck up on the singing scaredy-cat while he was showering.

The pony is fine and all. Honeybun’s been dreaming of getting a pony just like it for forever. The reason begood hates his engineering skills is that he knows what’s causing these “glitches”, and he loves her too much to tell her she can’t use the teleporter…

Anne BellamiComment