♥ Happy Birthday, Honeybun! ♥

There’s this thing I do where I think things are harder than they really are, so I can’t see the easy answers right in front of me. If I had to make up a word for it, I supposed it’d be something along the lines of “extrathoughting”.. or maybe a term kinda like "over-ponderance", I guess?
(My bad. I got my brain cranked to 110% but for some reason l just can't think of a word for it...)

Anyway, all our friend cares about today is telling his babygirl she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. Just being good doesn’t it cut it today ’cause today is Honeybun’s birthday. He’s absolutely obsessed with giving that perfect someone the perfect birthday she deserves.

I just wish I could I could show my lovestruck friend that to Honeybun, a day curled up in bed with begood is the perfect birthday.

Love you Honeybun. You make my life perfect ♥ ~ bg

Dave BarlettaComment