Announcing: "The Adventures of begood and Honeybun

I'm pleased to announce the page's new webcomic created by the lovely Anne Bellami, "The Adventures of begood and Honeybun" 

begood and Honeybun are a boyfriend and girlfriend loosely based on me and Anne, who generally like to have fun and joke and play and stuff. Anne actually drew a couple of these for fun, and we thought they were too good to keep hidden from you guys. Then Verbosius the Wordy started attacking with his henchman, Grafic Novel, and well...  

We're gonna have the first post Wednesday, hope to see you there!

Alright, now just a little backstory on our new page mascots Verbosius and Grafic Novel up there.


They were drawn into existence by one of Anne's characters, Honeybun, and started as supervillians who were out to bore the world to death with the power of reading... or like just take it over they hadn't decided yet.


After wrecking "The Mission Statement" post along with all the archives on, Verbosius and Grafic Novel felt bad and decided to try and fight for good.


Now they're out to save the world with the power of reading... or just take it over they still haven't decided yet.


They're the superantiheroes the Internet doesn't really need or want at all and has specifically asked to stop, but they're the superantiheroes the Internet is getting despite multiple people asking Verbosius and Grafic "Can you guys please just not right now, pretty please?"

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