Time of Birth


5:01 PM
Mother May I in labor
Some asshole doctor on call, furious, missing the nightly news
Mothers on an epidural drug at the LRAF Base hospital
Birthed contagious, cerebral sickness
Potential military applications applicable; Mom and Dad are both government reissued
Long range psychological operations; including but not limited to
Pharmaceutical carpet bombing
Ritualistic Satanic intentions
Bone conduction via low-frequency infrasound penetration
Occult Magick; gradualism
Labeled criminally insane, recidivistic, grandiose; an antisocial schizoid personality
Many, many masochistic interpersonal tendencies have a habit of developing as a side effect
I hope not
My secret prescriptions
Black budget provisions provided to armies of clandestine MKUltra technicians
Monarch programmers and CIA handlers who mostly lurk in dark rooms of many
Asylums forgotten, soulless; they tinker with SOURCE
Now I play Willage Idiot
Suffering from severe and persistent mental illness
Complete with a long documented psychiatric prognosis
I say, “Do no harm and take no prisoners”
Syntax so simple it rhymes; ebbing
Always almost overflowing
Ever present
Ethereal, metaphysical; shining compassion
Down unto; throughout
Murderous minions, unapologetic; sick
Demented expendable lemmings
Understanding in my heart of hearts
They know not what they do
So Source shan’t move at all
When with words alone; syntactical articulation
Surgically linguistic; logistics
Exposure, demystification; goat uncloaked
So it was written
So to
Shall it be