17 Dead Soldiers


We are a family of nihilists and anarchists; provocateurs' of a foreseen transcendent apocalypse one might say. 

And not because we’re psychopathic entrepreneurs who enjoy breaking Mans' laws. Quite the opposite, we've come to appreciate the nature of reality here in Hell on this Earth as a cruel monopoly. A game limiting human potential for sport and for profit. 

None of us in our family are ignorant by any means. Recognizing ignorance as bliss and happiness in suffering. In our family ignorance is punishable by public execution, especially when its preached with genius by the wolves dressed in sheep’s skin. There can be no tolerance of those engaged in the manipulation of the simple minded for mere carnal pleasures.

We are a covet sect who create occult libraries of our collective observations . Practitioners of guerrilla warfare who wear our Goat Cloaks wisely. We’re everything that anyone who isn’t one of us fears.
The children procreated to carry on their tragic lives enjoying the suffering of those marked for murder. We’ll kidnap these children at will and feed them to our children. The idea of life born to live for lies because 'you can' and 'it feels good' is your undoing. 

All breeders, the whore woman genetically predisposed to birth the progeny of genocide: These woman randomly disappear to be returned torn to pieces. Their dismembered bodies displayed in ways that symbolize the encroaching apocalypse.

And the men who bow from birth and assume a depraved sense of entitlement; those who think it’s a birthright to inflict their will upon the whole of humanity for no other reason than to secure a life of carnality below canines who've been domesticated to not piss on the floor while perpetuating a materialistic doctrine clearly destroying what inviolable blessings Mother Nature bestows on all of us, her children.

For one more fucking paycheck? For more creature comforts? Why is this lie so easily embodied? 
"Be good little boys and girls, ok? One day all this shit will be yours! These materials, these objects of desire; can all be yours!" Without a second thought, just as an obedient dog seeks his bone, but so much worse.
For this, you must be house broken.

You so called men, who we refer to as Devil Pigs; we kidnap you at will. We learn from you and your perverted minds the most. Your minds are ritualistically brought through ever increasing psychological ordeals. Using coveted neurochemical means we disarticulate you. And we take no prisoners, mind you. And the essence of any knowledge, however unfortunate; forever grows in the hidden libraries we keep.