Extraterrestrial Biological Entity


Penetrating heavily fortified, judicial ritual chambers.
Or, Heavens Gates.

To release the mystified, funky monkey minds from their religious spell.
Bound to intuit the love, life and light with what's made manifest as matter;
Their happiness bound by shiny possessions, as vice to addict all five senses.

And a twist of fundamentalist fervor to disguise the scam by dividing the people with language pharmacopia.
Allowing the masses to speak a slave language of busy, self-policing worker bees.

To speak this language invokes a hive mind mentality. Tacitly accepting a foreign installation, malware that nullifies the creative intelligence of the individual, human mind.
People living and dying in, of and for the material world. Their light blinds them. Their gods control them.

With good intentions they participate in a slow-motion genocide.
The true power of proper syntactical articulation, spoken transparently; commands truthfulness on an individualized basis.
Duplicity, deceit and ill intentions would be cause for embarrassment in a majority who wear their feelings, and speak their minds.
Think their thoughts, not preach the beliefs of the man behind curtain.

Our ebe overlord can see for themselves the pictures words create.