Ahh, Fuck


Cloudy and defenseless All five senses paralyzed
By biochemical washing, psychological conditioning and poisons disguised as nourishment Through a continued participation in a culture embraced For the ease and creature comforts of never using your own mind
And a willingness to devalue your true nature for material possessions But when you're maladjusted to this horrific scam, as I am

Always was and always will be
They'll beat you like they beat me: In front of everyone
They'll embarrass you and your family by declaring you the village idiot
Leaving you depressed, mostly; awaiting some final installment of cruelty It's all so predictable
After surviving sacrificial murderous intentions

And my own suicidal rebellion
A proud black sheep I've become Intelligent beyond all reason Harbouring a serpent tongue and a venomous vocabulary I'm determined to see how this all ends It's just to bad it had to be this way My repulsive response internally to this outside stimuli is just be my hearts spirit Yearning to exercise itself Growing stronger despite whatever costs
And when the day comes, when everyone stops in silence to turn and look at me

Realizing how wealthy I've always been
By amassing the immaterial things you could never take away It's all good, no worries I've already forgiven you
And I'll show you a better way by doing what I've always done
It's just my nature and I wrote it all down

So it was written, so it was done; by people just like me